The company Avenier operates a network of 22 vaccination and travel medicine centres.

    Our services include:
  • individual travel medicine consultation tailored to your destination;
  • advice and recommendations on how to prepare for your trip;
  • application of the vaccinations necessary for your protection.

Our basic advantages:
Make an appointment for a specific time to avoid waiting.
Payment in cash, by card or with selected vouchers.
We will remind you of your revaccination date by e-mail or telephone.
Vaccination cards in paper and electronic form (

We offer consultation and the application of vaccines and prophylaxes against various diseases, such as:

AbroadAt home
Hepatitis A/BTick-borne encephalitis
Poliomyelitis Cervical cancer
DiphtheriaTetanus/Whooping cough
Typhoid feverPneumococcal disease (pneumonia)
Yellow feverMeningococcal disease (meningitis)
RabiesHepatitis A/B
Japanese encephalitisInfluenza
Meningococcal diseaseShingles

    Additional services:
  • testing the level of antibodies in the blood
  • equipment of items for first-aid travel kits, prescription of antimalarials and other prescription drugs
  • health attestation in the English language for traveling and staying abroad

You can make an appointment by e-mail to or in person at one of our centres.

You can find us at 22 places in the Czech Republic:

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